It’s time for change

in harmony with nature

Look into nature and you will see
your heart.

Our focus

Healthy body

We can effectively initiate positive changes that will last. We do not promise a miracle but realistic and measurable results that will bring you years of healthy life.

Healthy soul

We will help you achieve inner peace and overcome internal obstacles on the way to satisfaction. We will support your decisions by using all resources to fulfill them.

Healthy relationships

Are you living in a bubble and proud of it? What if you are depriving yourself of wealth outside of it? Are the relationships that you live with support or prevent you from stepping forward?

About us

We are giving new meaning to the word holistic

We are passionate about your well-being. Our dedicated team has researched, studied, and reflected over many hours to develop a program designed to support and aid you toward your ultimate self. By combining our expert knowledge of the Endocannabidiome with a whole-person holistic approach.

We have created a framework that focuses on getting our bodies and minds oriented back to the basic rules of nature, including a stunning 7-day retreat nestled in the village of Krupa na Vrbasu village, North Bosnia.

We welcome you to start your new lifestyle journey with us offering a 12-month coaching program tailored to your needs and supporting you on the road to well-being.

Do you have questions?

That’s just fine.
Do not hesitate to ask for answers during a free online initial consultation.

What results can you expect?

Our program is based on a clinically proven Swiss one-year program. Therefore, we can tell you what awaits you at the end of it.

Weight reduction

In the model program, 40% of participants reduced their average weight by 8.2% over one year. That is 9.1 kilograms per participant who lost weight.

Better metabolism

Metabolic syndrome (MS) is the cause of most civilization diseases. In the model program, 75% of the participants suffered from it at beginning. At his end 3/4 of them were MS free.

Better quality of life

The vast majority of participants experienced an improvement in their quality of life in work, social and sexual areas. The self-confidence and mobility of most participants also increased.