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What is EEBA®

EEBA® stands for Endoverse Endocannabinology Balance Approach.

Health and a healthy lifestyle are popular and hotly debated topics. The wellness market offers an abundance of services and often exceeds the turnover of the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Nevertheless, the number of preventable diseases in Western society is rising dismally.

The EEBA® is a unique, evidence-based method aimed at breaking the cycle of trying and failing to achieve better health and overall well-being.


The subject of our interest is the endocannabinoidome. This physiological system was discovered about 30 years ago. Its potential in the prevention and treatment of the preventable diseases known as civilization diseases is still untapped.

Evolutionarily speaking, the endocannabinoidome is an old system. Its primary role is to ensure survival in hostile conditions. Within unstable food availability, it stimulates the food intake beyond the limit of satiety. And the subsequent storage of energy in fat deposites, from which the organism can draw during periods of hunger.

Today, in times of constant food abundance, this mechanism becomes the cause of many serious health problems.

Cannabinoid receptors

Endocannabinoidome balance is directly related to the activity of the Cannabinoid receptors. The term used for these G-protein Coupled receptors is misleading. They have discovered due to Cannabis research. However, in our bodies, they are regulated by lipid messengers.

What is happening when receptors are activated?

Both, CB1 and CB2 receptors have some common activities: i.e pain sensation and modulation, neuroprotection, and immunomodulation.

The main difference is related to metabolic activity and there is a direct link between CB1 increased activity and metabolic syndrome.

Activated CB1 receptors increase appetite, food intake, and fat accumulation, promoting insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis, and can lead to cardiac dysfunction.

On the other hand, activated CB2 receptors have a protective effect in case of steatosis and heart functioning.

The two main endocannabinoid signaling messengers are derived from Arachidinoic Fatty Acid. Therefore, lipid dietary intake is our perspective key to Endocannabinoidome balance.

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Every fatty acid consumed is transferred into an endocannabinoid by our body. Primary endocannabinoids are ligands (messengers) on CB1 and CB2 receptors. Others are active on different molecular targets and responsible for the “entourage effect”. Taking into consideration the wide range of molecular targets and activities produced by endocannabinoids in our body, we are using the term endocannabinoidome. Some examples of important molecular targets are vanilloid and nuclear receptors.

Primary endocannabinoids – 2 arachidinoylglycerol (2-AG) and arachidinoylethanolamide (AEA / anandamide) are produced from semi-essential arachidonic acid (ARA). The primary source of ARA, 2-AG, and AEA is Omega 6 essential Linoleic fatty acid (LA). It is important to highlight, that 2-AG is a full agonist (activator) on both, CB1 and CB2 receptors, while AEA has limited activity.

Western diet is characterized by an increased Omega 6 ratio, which results in increased activation of the CB1 receptor. That is the reason why EEBA considers Dietary intervention essential for achieving a balanced endocannabinoidome.

What influence endocannabinoidome balance?

Modifiable determinants


Nutrition is the main factor related to endocannabinoidome balance. Not only fatty acids but many other micronutrients are directly involved in endocannabinoid regulation.

Western diet usually leads to increased system activity and causes many serious health conditions including Mental Health disorders.

Based on the available science, I am recommending the Mediterranean diet. In the beginning, I am using supplementation with endocannabinoids (our body lipid metabolites) OEA and PEA as well as with natural substance Beta-caryophyllene.

Physical activity

As an important factor in endocannabinoid balance, I am recommending moderate physical activity. Instead of going to the gym, I prefer daily walks, gardening, and trekking. It has to be something you enjoy.


Stress and burnout are increasing recently. Stress Management is the key to your mental Health. I will teach you different methods useful to decrease stress levels and improve your mental health.

The most important

These are all factors that affect endocannabidiome. However, the most important thing is your guide through the entire process of establishing its balance. Therefore, we chose the following methods for our approach:

• health coaching – a process in which you, together with our coach, search for your path. You are the creator of your program. The coach helps you align your priorities, look for sources of support and adjust the program so that it is acceptable and not burdensome for you.
• Education – To make the right decision, you need the right information. We will provide them to you. Our concept is about defining a space in which you can create your path. In many other programs, this space is rigidly defined for you. You have to do this, you can’t do this. In our saying – you can. The rest is up to you and your coach.
• Cognitive-behavioral approach – it is no exception that the situation we are in resembles a vicious circle. One problem leads to another. As part of our approach, we untangle this tangled problem. One by one. We focus on the present and the future.

Too Complicated?

You can talk to me about this. Do not hesitate to book a free online consultation. I will be happy to answer all your questions